What is PC or Computer |Basic Difference

Friends often confuse people with the term PC and Computer, they think both are same, but there is a slight difference in this. What difference is that we tell you? personal computers can be a desktop or a laptop. They can also be home computers, but they can also be work computers which are computers used at work.

What is PC or Computer
What is PC or Computer, basic difference between pc and computer,

Friends’ PC Full form of PC is Personal Computer. Which we also call personal computers That is designed to use only one person meaning that it does not require a lot of people to use it even a single person can operate it. The “PC” has been traditionally used to describe an “IBM-compatible” personal computer in contradistinction to an Apple Macintosh computer.

Now talk computer, the first computer was of room size. And he used to run many people together. But PC means Personal Computer Technology has reduced the size of computer, and budget. For this reason, the PC can now buy a common invention too.

And if you talk, the computer’s full name or Full form of Computer –
Common Operating Machine Particularly Used in Technology Education and Research So if in one sentence.

So friends come to know that you have got to know what is PC or Computer and what is the difference between them and meanwhile?

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